Defend the world, protect what's yours. Join the Resistance!


Ingress is an augmented reality game that turns the world around you into a battle, with humankind's minds at stake.

Play Ingress on the streets of Sydney. Meet agents who play in the areas you do and fight with them to protect humanity's freedom. Discover agents you can depend on to help you when you need assistance in the field.

Download the mobile scanner app to discover thousands of portals around you. Buildings, historic landmarks and cultural points of interest become portals for you to fight for and defend from alien incursion.

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Join the Resistance!

The Sydney Resistance has a long and proud history of teamwork, collaboration and most importantly, fun!

By joining us, you'll have access to regular events so you can stock up on gear, regular operations so you can put your mark on the map, as well as help almost any time of the day or night.

Joining the community benefits you and everyone else — it takes eight level 8 players to make a level 8 portal, and the easier it is to coordinate with people, the more easily you'll be able to gear up to take and hold your area.

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Who is the #Resistance

In 2012, an invisble war broke out on the streets of the world — on the streets of Sydney! Scientists in Europe discovered Exotic Matter leaking into the world. The Enlightened would use this on unknowing human minds. We are the Resistance, and we will fight for humanity's safety and freedom!

Our battle spans states, countries, even continents! More commonly, you'll be able to find local agents reclaiming the local streets, relaxing over some food and drink, or even exploring the high seas! (Okay, Sydney Harbour.)



The Sydney Resistance uses Discord, Google+, and Hangouts to organise our community and meetups. You can get to know and meet agents who you've only ever seen in your scanner. Find out who plays near you and fights with you. Make new friends and experience a whole other side of Ingress.
The Sydney Resistance holds regular meetups and events, through planning and coordination using Google Plus, Hangouts, and a number of other Resistance-only apps.


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Download iOS android

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Download iOS android


Verify your agent name in three easy steps.. After logging in with Google+ we won't ask for any extra information.

Step 1 You will need to link your Google+ Account to your Agent (in game) Name.

Step 2 Once we have checked that your Agent Name is a Resistance Agent, you will be Approved.

Step 3 Meet other local agents! Teamwork is a core part of Ingress, so get out there and meet other agents!

Ready to join?

Design gratefully adapted from Resistance Berlin